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Tetris - classic puzzle game in javascript - free play and download

Tetris - classic puzzle game in javascript - free play and download

Js Tetris is a browser-based clone of one of the greatest puzzle video games of all time. To play you only need to have javascript enabled in your browser - no plugins are required (no java, no flush). You are free to put Js Tetris on your web-site, modify the game - see the download section.

The rules are simple. Move and rotate the blocks with the aim of creating a horizontal line of blocks without gaps.

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Js Tetris 1.19

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JsTetris is a highly customizable tetris game written in javascript, full sources available, it is free to modify.

Author: Cezary Tomczak

License: BSD revised (free for any use)
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Js Tetris is an open source project, source codes are available for download. You can put tetris on your own web site, you can change the look of the game and even modify the game mechanics, it is easy because the game is written in Javascript which is the most popular programming language for the web.

Browser version

Version 1.19: [16 KB] (2010-03-03)
License: BSD revised (free for any use)
Author: Cezary Tomczak ()
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Windows version

There is also available a windows port of Js Tetris (.exe file)

Tetris news

2010-03-03: Js Tetris 1.19 released. IE8 blocks fix.
2009-07-11: Js Tetris 1.18 released. Pause / Resume options added.
2009-02-07: Js Tetris 1.17 released. Grid lines were added. All blocks have different colors. Slight changes were made to the appearance.
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